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Captain Fawcett’s magnificent Sea Salt Spray’ is not just for making waves! Steal a trick from the professionals for a Barbershop finish at home! Barbers use Sea Salt Spray both as a foundation and finishing product, adding texture and grip to make hair styling easier. Plant extracts and sea minerals condition and nourish while rich emollients fix moisture, adding natural texture with a matte finish. Created with salt from one of the world’s oldest suppliers with an exhilarating coastal fragrance. Approved by gentleman pirates, seafarers, surfers, buccaneers, beachcombers, wild rovers and mermen from Margate to Madagascar.

Quantity: 250ml/8.45fl.oz

Superb for:

Extra volume (splendid for chaps with thinning hair)
A refreshing alternative to dry shampoo - no oil slicks here!
Styling dry locks - farewell flat hair!
Adding grit and shape
Touchable choppiness for short, straight hair
Scrunching into long messed up waves
Day on the beach vibes!