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The iconic Half Dollar design by Artist Ron English.
The Half Dollar Mighty Wallet is a "paper wallet" made of Tyvek®. Although Tyvek® wallets feel like paper it is made of plastic microfibers 7 to 50 times thinner than human hair.

This makes the wallet super slim and a perfect thin front pocket wallet for men or women. The Mighty Wallet is the perfect choice for people who want a thin durable and long-lasting wallet without all the bulk of leather wallets.

The wallet's minimalist design is constructed from a single folded sheet of Tyvek so that there are no pieces or parts that can be removed or torn. The concept behind the origami wallet design is that the folded Tyvek reinforces the strength of the material in a simple elegant minimalist design.

The Mighty Wallet is also water-resistant and stain resistant, meaning you don't have to worry about it getting wet or dirty.