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115 x 80 x 30 mm | Gift set of 24 cards with timber display stand

Sometimes you can't help yourself. You see or hear something so silly, so absurd, so, well, dumb that it causes you to shake your head in wonder that the culprit has a licence to do anything. In short, stupidity reveals your inner vixen. There's nothing better than laughing at the foolishness of others. Care factor Zero gives you 24 reckless messages so ludicrous; you'll laugh, cry and snort all at the same time.

Little Defamations packs feature 24 suggestions for daily usage of some seriously naughty words. Defamations are not meant to offend or inflame. They merely recognise the fact we can't all be sweetness and light all of the time. The perfect gift for friends and family who don't take life too seriously.