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The relaxing blend of Lavender & Jasmine essential oils in conjunction with this bedtime ritual is designed to encourage a moment of reflection, calm and relaxation at the end of each day to prepare the mind & body for a deep restful sleep.

Prepare your room to be a sanctuary for sleep by lighting the candle and filling the room with the calming relaxing aroma of the essential oils.

Apply a few drops of the body oil on to your hands and smooth gently over your skin, take a moment to re-connect mind and body, noticing the sensations of the oil soothing your skin.

Liberally apply the hand cream, breathe deep and take a moment to feel the benefits of the essential oils, whilst gently massaging the cream into your hands.

Lie down and gently place the warm eye pillow onto the eyes, let the comforting heat melt away any tensions and focus on your breathing letting any thoughts from the day slip away.

Blow out the candle and slip under the covers, with the body and mind well prepared let your thoughts wander and drift into a dream filled sleep.


Hand Cream: 12x4.2x2.3cm 37g 30ml
Body Oil: 11.6x3.5x3.5cm 107g 50ml
Candle: 7.4x6x5.6cm 200g
Eye Pillow: 9.8 X20.1cm Tin: 21 X 21 X 7.5cm

Tin/Body Oil-Glass/Plastic/Rubber - Olive Oil/Jojoba Seed Oil/Parfum/Limonene/Hand Cream-Shea Butter/Parfum/ Limonene. Candle- Soybean Wax/Stearic Acid/Microcrystalline Wax/Fragrance/Eye Pillow-Cotton/Tourmaline Beads/Essential Oil